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ZIDET® API kits for enterobacteriaceae

ZIDET® API kits for enterobacteriaceae

Precise identification and reliable results of about 96% compared to 40% accuracy in conventional methods in 18hours. This kit is usable in medical laboratories for identification of non-fastidious gram negatives and enterobacteriaceae. As a precision results for Salmonella, Shigella, Pseudomonas etc. by a reliable cost, suggested for industries.


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What we provide

API-based microbial identification kits provide a precise, rapid and easy identification of bacteria by means of biochemical behavior of bacteria and a powerful database software through microbiological experiments. API kits bring values to your laboratory which makes you as a pioneer in the market. These values are:

Identify precisely, because it counts

Precise identification and reliable results of about 96% compared to 40% accuracy in conventional methods.

Let the experts, be expert

The ease of operation in API kits decrease the user errors with precise analysis of the result. Furthermore, managers and supervisors can focus on more sensitive and important activities.

Cost effective

API kits decrease labor cost, speed up the operation and reduce the final cost of each test.

Being an environmentalist

In manufacturing of API kits we have reduced materials used in the production by 90% which helps us create a more eco-friendly environment.
ZIDET® API kits have been released in the following models:
1) ZIDET® API 10S for Enterobacteriaceae in 18h
2) ZIDET® API RapSTRP for Streptococcus and Enterococcus in 4h
3) ZIDET® API RapNF for non-fermenters in 4h

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